Smart Card Test Tool

Have you ever wanted to read your bank cards?

Are you curious to know what information can be stolen?

Is contactless technology really that risky?

Ontime Development offers a low-cost and simple to use financial smart card test tool. It can quickly read cards, without the need to write ad-hoc scripts, meaning that many cards can be accessed in quick succession by professionals and amateurs alike.

Known as SBR 2015 (Smart Bankcard Reader), it is available in several versions, dependent upon your requirements. You can download the free version to check its compatibility with your reader and cards today.

Unlike most free or low-cost smart card reader software, SBR adheres closely to the core EMV principles, meaning that your chip card is read in a similar way to how it is read in a Point of Sale (POS) Terminal.

The online help pages will provide more detail on functionality available within SBR 2015.

Further Details and Download/Purchase Links

Visit the SBR 2015 Product Details page.

Smart Bankcard Reader DVD Box

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